Our studio sees luxury as a philosophy which helps people to share with others the art of “ living

If we take this as the base concept which underpins the principles of our projects it is easy tounderstand how these guidelines, which will lead us to create something considered as embodying luxury,
will necessarily wholly permeate what we set out to create as project designers.

No single element in a given context will render a home luxurious but rather all the decisions takenin creating a project will follow a logic which has one single end point, to enhance living space to the best.
This concept will lead and involve all the questions which will be addressed, from choosing the location to the tiniest object which will contribute to breathing life into the atmosphere which aims to enable the inhabitants of the house to live in the best way.

The project presented is a good example of this concept, starting from the location chosen for the villa: from the road you reach the hills above the town, on the edge of the woods, thus affording complete privacy yet without creating the sensation you are cut off from the world.

The right definition of the number of ambients, their size and how they are connected and distributed to ensure the necessary level of discretion to the people who will move and live here, are absolutely essential.
Equally essential are the house’s external proportions, the right balance between geometries and decorative elements, the choice of the access routes which were designed to enhance the building and enable all the external areas to be lived properly.

A particularly important role is played by light: whether natural or artificial, external or internal, it can, by itself, define atmospheres, reproportion spaces and emphasise what we would like to enhance.
Finishings, furniture and materials which decorate the space are the true stars of the scene; their matching and merging shades and tones and their design must never be banal and obvious, though nor should they be unnatural or ostentatious.

Shades chosen in situ taking into consideration the varying light in the ambients, finshings with materials whose surfaces are able to transmit to the touch sensations of depth, clever plays of light and colour between opaque, transparent or reflective walls, are the fundamental ingredients to give the right sensation of luxury to a project.

Drawing on the Italian heritage and culture was the cornerstone of this project in which the revisited classicism of the architectonic elements and the furnishings were always addressed by using excellent materials: from the tumbled, aged Botticino marble of the external paving and the swimming pool to the walls where classic wax painting is revived, from the lighting in Murano glass, tailor made and designed to order and dusted with silver, to the sofas built, as in the past, with wooden frames, springs and horsehair and covered in the best velvet, from wooden floors with dogas of over 2 metres planed by hand to the recovered bricks used to build the fireplace with an antique surround in Pietra di Vicenza.

Naturally, everything is supported by the latest technologies available today so as to guarantee to our clients the opportunity to share “ the art of good living”.